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The Original Mobile Ring Light ™

Spark Your Image

We started in the travel industry promoting vacations and travel all over the world.  Due to the pandemic of 2020 the travel industry came to a halt. Everyone had to quarantine at home, but it did not stop us from connecting with our peers, friends and family in the virtual space.

More people now are working remotely at home, creating content, and we realized when connecting with others in the virtual space especially in the evening, presentations from your laptop or mobile phone created a shadowy image because of the lack of quality light in the room.  

We wanted to come up with a product that help accentuate your connections and content to Spark your Image where ever you are. 

That is when the SparkImage Mobile Ring Light was born.

We are a group of explorers and travelers, speakers and leaders, and during this time of uncertainty want to promote our inner passions of safely being able to be mobile. 

When working remote or connecting with others online, you can take the SparkImage One's mobile design to a coffeeshop, home office, at the airport, in a car, on a boat, on a getaway vacation to Spark your Image.

Spark your Image of your web-conferences, phone photography, selfies, tick-toks, food photography, vacation pictures, and anywhere you want to go.


"The SparkImage Team"