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1. What is SparkImage One?

SparkImage One is the original mobile ring light. A compact travel light used to compliment taking pictures and video from your smartphone, laptop, or tablet. An all purpose mobile light. 

 2. How long does my SparkImage One last?

Each SparkImage ring light is equipped with a Grade A 2600mah Premium Lithium Ion Battery. Our SparkImage One takes 20 minutes to charge for full use. For consistent lighting, 1.5-2 hours battery life depending on brightness. Recommend charging before each use. 

3. During web-conference meetings over an hour my ring light loses light, how do I maintain the brightness?

Clip the SparkImage One to the side of your laptop and attach the usb cable to the SparkImage One and computer. This will maintain the charge and brightness during your virtual meetings.

4. Can I have a refund and return my item?

Yes, but only if your product is damaged, broken, or not working properly. If you receive a broken or damaged product you have up to 30 days from your order date to request a return/refund. You will be required to ship your item(s) back before receiving your refund. To proceed with a return, please contact us with your order number and our team will be happy to help!

5. What devices are compatible with my SparkImage One?

The SparkImage One is designed to fit any smartphone with a thin case protection. It will not clip on to bulky protection cases with a clearance of 30mm. Easily clips on to laptops and computer tablets.

6. What should I avoid with my SparkImage One?

Since the SparkImage One contains a lithium battery, NEVER OPEN, take apart, or hit your SparkImage. Avoid contact with water as SparkImage One is not water resistant.

7. Is SparkImage an American company?

Yes, SparkImage One is designed in Los Angeles and ships from Reno, Nevada.

8. Can I adjust the lighting?

The SparkImage One has 3 light modes which are switchable by clicking on the power button. Hold on the power button to adjust brightness of each mode. 

9. Where are the best places to use SparkImage One?

To see the full effect, use the SparkImage ring light in dark settings to illuminate the picture or video you want to capture. Adjust the dim settings for the appropriate lighting by holding on to the power button. Make sure the light doesn't cover the camera portion of your phone, laptop, or tablet. Great light for traveling to enhance your pictures.

10. What if I have a defective ring light? 

Contact us at support@sparkimageshop.com with your order number. Ship the product to our warehouse in Nevada, and after examination will send you a refund from your purchase. 

11. There is a hazy glow around the picture, how to do remove the haze?

The haze is caused by your camera capturing light from the ring light. Place the SparkImage One on the opposite side of the camera.