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SparkImage Mobile Ring Light

$29.95 $78.95 saving $49.00

SparkImage Mobile Ring Light

$29.95 $78.95 saving $49.00

Imagine having the freedom to take pictures, create content, chat with friends from your mobile device, laptop, or tablet and have the perfect lighting to enhance your image. Remove shadows for a bright clear picture. 

Welcome to the SparkImage One. The Original Mobile Ring Light.


The SparkImage One is the Original Mobile Ring Light ™. Take it anywhere with you when creating content on the go. The 3 adjustable brightness levels, and light control features makes it the perfect light to travel with. Adjust the quality of the brightness for the perfect image. All without batteries or power outlet to charge it. 

No More Batteries

The SparkImage One uses a micro usb cable to charge into any micro usb port. No need for batteries with SparkImage One and premium grade A2600mAh Lithium Ion battery for hours of use. 

All Purpose Mobile Light

We know how annoying it is to take pictures and video in poor lighting or at night giving you a poor shadowy image. We created the SparkImage One to enhance your content from pictures and video like:

  • youtube videos, 
  • instagram pictures/stories,
  • tik-toks,
  • chatting with friends online,
  • hosting virtual conference meetings,
  • phone photography,
  • vlogs,
  • content creation and so much more...

You can enhance the quality of all your interactions and brighten your image with the SparkImage One. The mobile ring light ads brightness and clarity to what you want to present.

Expedited Shipping

Order now as we have limited stock availability. Take advantage of our 3-5 Day Expedited Shipping in the US. Orders are shipped out of Reno, Nevada. For International Orders, 7-10 day shipping around the world.  

We are proud to have happy SparkImage customers around the world. We stand by our product, and offer a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Let us know if you have any questions, or need anything. We're here for you.


Technical specifications

  • Light Control

    Mix lighting--White lighting--Yellow lighting. Long press to control brightness. Double click for SOS lighting.

  • Design

    Compact design fits the palm of your hand. Dimensions 90*90*31mm. Easy to store away and use anywhere.

  • Battery

    The 200mah rechargeable battery gives 20-30 minutes of consistent use, depending on brightness. Charge for 20 minutes between uses.

  • Safety

    Built in safety features prevent the battery from overheating when in use. IC Chip Protection.